VIDEO NEWS: Oceans Release Video For New Single ‘WE ARE NØT OKAY’

German metal quartet Oceans have released a video for their new single WE ARE NØT OKAY, the title-track from their forthcoming digital EP. The single also features guest vocals from Caliban‘s Andy Dörner.

Cooperating with The Ocean In Your Mind, a German NPO, Oceans add a very serious tone to their newest output by turning “music for the depressed” into active help and encouraging fans to join the cause.

“The title-track for WE ARE NØT OKAY is about recognizing the fact that it’s actually okay to NOT be okay,” says Oceans‘ vocalist Timo Rotten. We as a society have to overcome the stigma of mental health and admit, that we have a problem. Especially in those challenging times right now, mental health is an important issue that unfortunately is too often swept under the carpet. So if you’re fighting any kind of mental illness we encourage you: reach out to somebody, stop faking smiles and admit that #wearenotokay. Only if we do that, we take a first step towards becoming a more caring and inclusive society. Down in the abyss we are many.”

“The topic of WE ARE NØT OKAY fits perfectly into today’s world,” adds Dörner. “Even though the theme is timeless, it seems to me that there are more and more depressed people and lost souls. It‘s very important to speak about it and I‘m very happy to be a part of this banger song! Enjoy my friends and don’t hesitate to speak up about your problems and inner demons…There is always a solution!”

Oceans‘ digital EP WE ARE NØT OKAY is due for release on 30th April 2021 via Nuclear Blast. Exclusive physical bundles of the EP, including a CD digipak and shirt limited to 200 copies, are available HERE

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