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EP REVIEW: Superlove – Superlove

Bristol-based trio Superlove are releasing their self-titled EP through Rude Records on Friday 13th November, their first via the label. Having already shared three of the tracks as singles ahead of its release, we’ve become hooked on their singalong friendly style and couldn’t wait to see what their full EP had in store.

I Love It was the first taste fans were given of the EP, so is the perfect starting point for the release. An echoing introduction leads you into the bouncy electro-pop track. Maintaining upbeat, high energy throughout, a moment of slow comes in with a spoken section when everything calms again, before edgy guitar lines and punchy drums from Alex Matthews pick up the tempo again. Superlove sing “you know I love it,” and maybe they know that’s what listeners will be saying after listening to their self-titled EP…

Soaring vocals of “When I’m with you” opens Life Is Great and from this moment you just know something good is around the corner. Following a messy explosion of guitars and electro beats, in come dreamy, sincere vocals from Jacob Rice who tells us when you find that special person, they make you forget about everything else in the world: “when I’m looking at you, life’s great and nothing matters” and “when I’m with you, life is great and I don’t know what I’d do without you“. Cementing itself as the standout singalong chorus on the release, we can envision the crowd chanting this feel-good anthem to both the band and their loved ones in attendance with them. Life Is Great is a song which many can relate to, and while the ongoing global pandemic is preventing many of us being with those special people, send this track their way and it’ll no doubt brighten their day – they’ll be reminded how much they mean to you!

After what could be our favourite Superlove track to date and as the electro outro rings in our heads, we head back to the heavy side of the trio with THINK ABT U. Thrashy guitar and drumlines are then balanced out by delicate vocals, which completely change the dynamic of the track; a skill the band have already perfected. Lyrically the trio shine brightly, putting focus on themes of friendship and championing the important people in your life. “I think about you all the time, I think you’re keeping me in line“, with a stompy breakdown thrown in for balance. As the track progresses, the heaviest musical breakdowns we’ve been given and stuttered guitar lines are then met with Rice and Jon Worgan’s dual vocal play-off. The composition of this track is exemplary, throwing you in different musical directions, packaged up nicely with bold guitar lines, a chorus you cannot help but singalong to and rolling drumlines.

At this point we’ve realised that Superlove aren’t sticking to a style on this release, instead trying a little bit of everything across the EP. Bruce is the obligatory ballad each release needs, as everything is taken down a notch again with Rice’s haunting vocals taking the centre stage, as a barely noticeable guitar line supports them. There are no gimmicks, just beautiful vocals showing off the versatility of Superlove, who looks set to be heading into 2021 with a solid EP supporting them.

Untouchable is a word that sums up what Superlove are, after such a promising debut EP. The catchy chorus is enough to get even first-time listeners singing along to “Sometimes this life will spit you out the wrong way,” making them believe they are unstoppable and untouchable in the process. On a personal note, having started the year seeing Superlove live with ROAM, we’re delighted to finally have a full EP showcasing the trio’s sound in a studio setting. We were hooked on Untouchable when we heard it live back in January and the funky-pop energy is maintained throughout the recorded version of the track.

Superlove have provided us with a late contender for our favourite EP of the year. Throughout the release the trio offer up a blend of genres, as each track is a defined, standalone number. If you’re looking for a new band to brighten up your days and soundtrack your winter months then we’d highly recommend Superlove, but we’ll warn you that you’ll probably be singing along for days after once you’ve checked out their self-titled EP.


Standout Tracks: Life Is Great, Untouchable

For Fans Of: The 1975, Press To Meco, Don Broco

Written By: Nicola Craig

Nicola Craig
Head of Live with an unwavering love for the seaside, live music and writing about others instead of myself. Twitter: @nicolalalalar