MUSIC NEWS: The OBGMs Announce New Album ‘The Ends’ & Release ‘Fight Song’ Music Video

Photo Credit: Amanda Fotes

Canadian punk trio The OBGMs have announced their new album The Ends, due for release on 30th October 2020 via Black Box.

Speaking of the album vocalist and guitarist Densil McFarlane comments: “This album is about death, wanting to die, and fighting for something to live for — it’s the end of all things. I feel this is the one of the most important cross-genre albums this century. We are Nirvana, we are The Beatles, and The Stones. We are really changing the dimensions of which the game is played like the Steph Curry of this rock shit. We all have feelings of doubt, uncertainty, and I used to live there. I’m trying not to die there. If I’m going out, I’m going out shooting.”

Ahead of the album, which was produced by Dave Schiffman (Trash Talk, PUP, Rage Against The Machine) and recorded at Dream House Studios in Toronto, the trio have released their single Fight Song alongside a video. Discussing the story behind it McFarlane explains: “You ever sitting in your 9-5 and someone talking reckless and you really want to punch them in their head top? You ever get that passive aggressive email from that disrespectful person and you want to walk to their cubicle and tell them about their mom? I wrote this song so I wouldn’t have to hold my tongue. We want the smoke. All of it. You don’t like us, fight me, or get the hell out of the way. You can’t stop us, this is how we die.” 

Like what you hear? You can pre-order The Ends HERE.

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