MUSIC NEWS: Devin Townsend Announces New Album ‘Order Of Magnitude – Empath Live Volume 1’

Photo Credit: Tanya Ghosh

Devin Townsend has announced he will release a live album titled Order Of Magnitude – Empath Live Volume 1 on 23rd October 2020 through InsideOutMusic.

Recorded at the London date of his Winter European headline run in December 2019, the album documents the penultimate night of the Empath album tour. The touring cycle for the album has been split into three volumes, this being Volume 1, in which there would be no backing tracks or click tapes. Instead, Devin would be accompanied by an ensemble of musicians, a mirror ball hanging from the ceiling and an onstage tiki bar.

Townsend explains: “The whole objective was that I wanted to make that statement: This is by the seat our pants. Because it’s important to me to represent this hyper anal-retentive music that I’ve made over the years, but in a human way. Rather than it just being, ‘Well, here it is, perfectly done. I was overwhelmed by the fact that all these brilliant people that I have so much respect for were willing to come together and play this weird shit with me. I had these unique players and this interesting instrumentation that allowed us to interpret the music in different ways. It was clear to me that I could just have fun and be me and know that they would be effortlessly be able to follow that.”

The release will come in a number of formats including CD, Blu-ray (including a behind the scenes documentary) and DVD versions.  Pre-orders for Order Of Magnitude – Empath Live Volume 1 will begin on 28th August 2020however if you need a taster of what to expect in the meantime you can purchase Empath – The Ultimate Edition including the studio album, documentary and live acoustic set from his 2019 tour HERE.

Devin Townsend will also be hosting an Empath Live Volume 2 – By Request Set on Saturday 5th September 2020 at 1pm PDT/4pm EDT/9pm BST/10pm CEST/6am AEST, performing the setlist that would have been played at his summer shows at Bloodstock Festival, Tuska Festival and Hellfest. Check out the teaser for the set below:

Tickets for Empath Live Volume 2 – By Request Set are on sale now, find out more and purchase your ticket HERE.

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