VIDEO NEWS: In Hearts Wake Release Video For ‘Worldwide Suicide’

In Hearts Wake have released video for their latest single Worldwide Suicide, confronting the Climate Crisis. The single’s intro section Crisis features a sample of Greta Thunberg‘s address at the Climate Strike in New York City last year.

“The Antarctic has reached an all time high temperature of 20.7?C. The Australian bushfires have burned over 12 million hectares of land, killing over 1 billion animals,” explains vocalist Jake Taylor“The Climate Crisis is pounding on our door and we need to take action while there is still a window to turn it around. It’s time for profound systemic change as individuals and as a community.”

In Hearts Wake have confirmed that they will plant one tree for every thousand views on the video.

“We are aware that the Worldwide Suicide video is confronting,” he adds. “We created this not to shock or cause despair but to incite positive action. In the spirit of this, the band has committed to plant 1 tree for every 1K views, restoring part of a vital ecosystem with the hope that every viewer and their descendants will one day enjoy its benefits.”

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