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MUSIC FEATURE: Five Minutes With…God Damn

Photo Credit: Steve Gullick

God Damn have been making waves this month with the release of their self-titled album, which they recorded live over the course of just a few days with the legendary Sylvia Massy (System Of A Down, Smashing Pumpkins, Deftones, Johnny Cash, REM, Slayer, Babes In Toyland, Tool). We caught five minutes with God Damn in the midst of their UK tour with Baba Naga to find out more about the band’s formation, what they want to achieve and more.

Firstly, tell us a bit about yourself and your band. How did the band form and how long have you been together?

The band formed about ten years ago, as a bit of a joke to just piss people off.

Can you remember the first time you realised you wanted to make music?

I’ve got a really short attention span, so I’d learn a bit of someone’s song and then get totally distracted/bored and just go off on a creative tangent. I’ve been in various bands, screaming my own songs since I was thirteen, most of my life now. I’d be doing it if nobody was listening, purely as a release and coping strategy, the way that some people exercise.

Who and what are the band’s main influences?

Pretty much all guitar music that isn’t cheeseball. This record in specific/comparable influences are Electric Wizard, TAD, Ty Segall, early Manson and early Nine Inch Nails.

What do you aim to achieve as a band?

For my dad to continue to not understand what we do, I know I’m doing it right then.

For those who are yet to see you live, what can they expect from a God Damn show?

To see the spots appear on the inside of my eyeballs when I’m about to pass out and the world goes a bit like I’ve huffed a balloon of laughing gas.

What’s next for God Damn?

I’d like to rearrange the teeth of slowthai.

God Damn‘s self-titled album is out now via One Little Indian Records.

See God Damn live at one of the following dates with Baba Naga:


Wed 26th – BIRMINGHAM – Sunflower Lounge
Thu 27th – BRISTOL – The Louisiana
Sat 29th – LONDON – Shacklewell Arms

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