We could be forgiven for assuming a concept EP about loss, also titled Loss, may be a step towards a more melodic approach for MSRY; however we are proved wrong within the first few seconds of the EP opener Gemini, as guitars screech effortlessly into overdrive. The moment the distorted guitars and chunky bassline are joined by ferocious vocals, this release takes on a clear path and destroys everything in its way. Even within this one track there is a lot to take in, powerful gang vocals push the guttural howls to new levels, and with drumming which is almost inhuman in how it starts and stops on a knife edge, it’s clear from the off this is a boundary pushing release.

The progression between tracks is clever, with every passing moment seeming to bring on new levels of intense emotion. The musicianship of Still Breaks My Heart hits like a kick in the gut, the blast drumming drives everything forward at breakneck speed whilst guitars build an almighty wall of noise. The extra vocals from Liam Cormier (Cancer Bats) are completely necessary and the layers of two distinctive voices concentrate the over-spilling emotion, to create a truly powerful delivery of painfully honest songwriting. It would be very easy to assume after featuring heavy music royalty that this EP has peaked, but we would be wrong again.

If anything the intensity which was added by an extra set of vocals is pushed even further, as Imposter has an crescendo that builds for the entire song. As the intensity and volume increase, hidden guitar parts reveal themselves showing both technical ability and seamless compensation. There are two breakdowns that are made for bodies to be thrown around to in a live setting and it’s really important for a band with such a huge reputation as a live act to capture these moments in a recording studio – this shows proficiency in both production and songwriting.

The final three tracks read like a trilogy: Guilt; Courage; and Loss. They are expertly paired and as part of an EP that already flows with a real sense of purpose, the progression between these three is simply sublime. Guilt has a hidden subtlety within the guitars which may take a couple of listens to pick up but shows so much technique from every member of the band, as for each of these intricacies to take the foreground something else has to let it draw focus. Courage has some of the strongest vocals within this release, guttural howls move to emotive cracks in a completely effortless manor. These vocals deliver the ever emotional lyrics with so much extra feeling, the real songwriting genius here is the emphasis the occasional pauses put on specific word play. The final instalment, Loss, builds a post-hardcore guitar line into pure thrash as vocals continue to dominate the foreground. The chorus is made to be screamed back at the band in a packed room, and as the instruments leave an isolated vocal this release somehow hits harder in its quietest moment.          

This EP is a long way away from generic two minute hardcore, the production and musicianship carry lyrics of real personal importance towards a sound that does MSRY justice.


Standout Tracks: Loss, Gemini, Guilt

For Fans Of: Eat Dirt, Bastions, Giants

Written by: Ben Adsett