ALBUM REVIEW: Sleeping With Sirens – How It Feels To Be Lost

Photo Credit: Joshua Halling

Ready and raring to return to their heavy roots, it seems Sleeping With Sirens have stamped in the face of an ambush of adversities. From the turmoil of a major label signing to tackling inner troubles, this was the fuel needed to fire up the birth of the band’s sixth studio album How It Feels to Be Lost. Their most daring endeavour to date, the Sumerian Records release sees Sirens striving to showcase relentless instrumentals, screamed vocals and a raging sense of honesty.

Paving the way for the array of influences scattered throughout How It Feels to Be Lost, Ghosts hits the ground running as it takes on the musical direction that wound up in the early stages of the creative process. A sinister pop song at its best, Ghosts blends chilling vocals and electronic-esque sounds, somewhat distantly related to its spookily titled sidekick Another Nightmare. Its electro elements and catchy pop choruses combine together to build a bridge between the heavier roots and some of the song’s poppier moments, something which producers Matt Good and Zakk Cervini brought to the studio in order to see the record strike a seamless blend.

Straying away from the initial songs that shaped the album, the singles that were unveiled in the run-up to the release, Leave It All Behind, Break Me Down, Agree to Disagree and title track How It Feels to Be Lost, offered the first official flavour of new Sleeping With Sirens material.  All of the above tracks take the post-hardcore sounds of early SWS records, With Ears to See And Eyes to Hear and Let’s Cheers to This, and pack in a punch of rage-filled screams, big heavy breakdowns and high octane energy. From Jack Fowler’s heavy guitar riffs in lead single Leave It All Behind, the hard-hitting rhythm guitar courtesy of Nick Martin in follow up Break Me Down, Justin Hills’ bold basslines in Agree To Disagree, to the vulnerable tone of vocalist Kellin Quinn in latest offering How It Feels to Be Lost. 

Delving into the deep cuts it’s clear to hear the lyrical honesty reflecting upon rough times in the life of Kellin Quinn. Sixth song Blood Lines tackles the tendencies of parental guidance, touching upon topics surrounding broken homes to being born a particular way, whereas Never Enough, which features Benji Madden of Maryland rockers Good Charlotte, underwhelmingly showcases the freestyle songwriting style of Madden and the sincere lyricism sung by Quinn: “You don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone/Never knowing why until it’s all done/There must be something more to believe/But it’s never enough, never enough for me.” 

A notable departure from the commercially pop-driven record Gossip, the Florida four-piece have gone full circle for one of their best releases to date in How It Feels to Be Lost. Drawing early influence from the bands first full length, the latest LP feels undeniably reminiscent of early Sleeping With Sirens music, all with a modern mix between mellow pop arena anthems and plenty of post-hardcore pit openers.


Standout Tracks: Leave It All Behind, How It Feels to Be Lost, Another Nightmare, Medicine (Devil in My Head)

For Fans Of: Blessthefall, Bring Me The Horizon, Pierce The Veil

Written by: Katie Conway-Flood

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