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LIVE REVIEW: Fever 333, Electric Ballroom, London, 18/06/2019

A 9:30pm start is out of the ordinary for any live music event that would usually also include support bands but  Fever 333 are no ordinary live band. With their interlaced combination of charismatic chaos and uncompromising lyricism, the enormous line that formed outside of London’s Electric Ballroom spoke a thousand words regarding how quickly they have gained a serious following.

A large white cloth hung over the front of the stage, masking the contents behind before a mashed recording began to play as the lights dropped and the anticipation of the occupants was amped up to eleven. Suddenly, the sheet fell away and a blast of overbearing white light smacked the front row in their faces, with Jason Butler, Stephen Harrison and Aric Improta stood in position with only Butler adorning the black hood covering his identity. Burn It exploded out of the speakers, the hood was disrobed and the utter carnage of this sweaty show was in full effect.

The terrific trio took their enthusiastic onlookers on an untapped escapade of hardcore punk and rap rock, involving many noticeable musical links to Butler’s frontman past, Harrison’s metalcore rhythm pieces and Improta’s complex drum foundations that previously brought you the likes of bands such as Letlive, The Chariot and Night Verses. Their powerful setlist continued with songs such as Made An America, Inglewood/3, Out Of Control and One Of Us, with the electric ambience growing with each passing minute.

Butler and Harrison later acquired two-floor toms which they beat alongside Improta in unison for the Drum Trio, with multiple individual fills thrown in, the crowd lapped up every drumskin slap with bright multicoloured lights illuminating the band in a dramatic fashion.

Butler, as everyone had eagerly awaited for, made his way into the throng between tracks but the atmosphere wasn’t that of exuberant excitement but more so an intimate embrace of the fans the band made it clear they’ve grown to consider family. As Butler eloquently spoke, fans could not help but take selfies alongside him and give him a big sweat-ridden hug as the music started back up with him still in amongst everyone.

An onstage explanation as to the absence of support acts was also issued, explained as a view of how much support the band were currently receiving, likely testing the waters thoroughly for their upcoming UK November tour.

The opening encore lines of We’re Coming In caused the venue to erupt with bodies flying over the heads of others, with a roar of voices singing “where all my people from?” with a distinct attitude that grasped the gravity of the songs’ contextual concept, with Hunting Season, swiftly following to conclude the evening. Although the band avoided leaving the stage too much throughout the show, unlike previous sets, the hundreds that bought the tickets clearly proved that they had come to hear the music and support a group that everyone can not help but enjoy and encourage.


Written by: Nathan Roach

Photos by: Nathan Roach