EP REVIEW: Fizzy Blood – Pink Magic

Leeds outfit Fizzy Blood have released their third EP Pink Magic, and hailing this as their last EP before a full-length it’s the perfect way to bring all the best parts together on one release. This short and very sweet EP sees them continuing to break any genre barriers built for them, experimenting across the release which was recorded with Alex Newport (Bloc Party, The Mars Volta).

Pink Magic opens this release in style with Benji Inkley’s trademark vocals soaring over thumping drums and nimble, riff filled guitar lines. Openly cited as the easiest track they’ve ever written it sets our hopes high for the rest of this release. Getting beneath the skin at live shows this will be a crowd captivator, as even we find ourselves bopping our heads along. Never ones to confine themselves to a particular genre, CFO shows off a little bit of indie with some metal-esque vibes thrown in for good measure. Packed to the rafters with angst and rough around the edge’s guitar strikes it’s a darker affair all around. The smooth vocals and grungy guitars entwine to create a haunting atmosphere until the very last note.

We are absolutely loving the distinguishability between each track, as Strangers is a new cinematic vibe. There’s a lot more focus on Inkley’s twang-like vocals who steal the show whilst also showing off just how good they really are. The sultry track is full of grooves and lyrics such as “I can never tell if you saw me through the lights and smoke machine” help build up a scene of trying to catch someone’s attention, not knowing but still loving the sense of mystery you hold over that situation. Favourite track on the release? Definitely.

Closing the release is Illusion when the rowdiness kicks up the tempo once again. The rigid beat is perfect to get a crowd involved clapping along to, swirling guitar lines and a thumping drums work flawlessly. This track flaunts different layers to give it a new dynamic especially when you’ve got a big singalong chorus included too “close your eyes and count to ten//illusion smiling through your teeth” which stick within your head long after the release has ended.

This release is a great showcase for all the different genres that Fizzy Blood cover within their music, creating their own identity and making them memorable for the right reasons. We caught up with Benji and Paul at Reading Festival earlier this year, find out more about Pink Magic and everything else we discussed HERE.


Standout Track: Strangers

For Fans Of: Dinosaur Pile-Up, Lower Than Atlantis, Yonaka

Written By: Nicola Craig

Nicola Craig
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