VIDEO NEWS: Hawthorne Heights Release ‘Crimson Sand’

Hawthorne Heights have released a video for their single Crimson Sand, taken from their new album Bad Frequencies – out now via Pure Noise Records. 

“We wanted the video for Crimson Sand to match the frenetic, yet somber intensity of the music, all while being tied to our video for Just Another Ghost,” explains vocalist/guitarist JT Woodruff. “We looked at it as a companion piece, that follows the inner struggles of our main character as she moves through a different set of emotions during Crimson Sand. Instead of an all out anxiety attack, this focuses more on a kind of depression than saps all of your positivity and motivation. We are in a beautiful setting, but nothing seems to snap her out of what she’s going through, and the ghost has her again. Soon, she finds the perfect song to move her into a better outlook. This was one of the tracks that was most fun to record, and we really focused on capturing the energy. We can’t wait to play it live for the first time on our upcoming tour with Silverstein.” 

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