MUSIC NEWS: Selfish Things Stream New Song ‘Rust Cohle Never Sleeps’

Alt-rockers Selfish Things are streaming their new song Rust Cohle Never Sleeps, taken from their forthcoming EP Vertical Love. 

“Before the band even had a name, I fell into an emotional hole between the end of 2014 and the summer of 2015,” explains vocalist Alex Biro. “I’d left my old band knowing very well that they had a number of deals on the table and was contemplating whether or not I even wanted to continue with music. It was at that time that I found (get ready for some cliche shit) True Detective on HBO. I’d moved back from LA to my parents basement, had no money, and spent day after day watching and eventually emulating the ideological values Rust Cohle portrayed throughout the series. His nihilism, egoistic sense of identity and viewpoint on people of lesser “intellect” fed my shadow self. My father had always played Rust Never Sleeps by Neil Young on vinyl, so after writing the song, I came up with the title to pay homage to both my dad’s influence on my musicality, but as a way of capturing everything that was happening at that time in my life.”

Vertical Love is due for release on the 16th March via A Wolf At Your Door Records, available to pre-order HERE.

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