This week sees rising grime/punk collective Astroid Boys release their eagerly anticipated debut album Broke and to celebrate the band are playing a handful of release shows, including London’s Kamio on the 29th September (you can get your tickets HERE!) We caught up with producer Dellux to chat about the new record, what to expect from the show and the close relationship between grime and punk.

Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to talk to us – you play at Kamio in London on the day that you release your debut album Broke, for those coming to celebrate with you what can they expect from the live show?

A moment in the bands existence where we can all celebrate and party together. It’s a huge moment. I’m kind of numb to it, but yeah it is gonna be good.

Will you be weighting the set with a lot of the material from the album or will you be playing some old fan-favourites too?

Exactly that, new and old stuff, gonna play some new tunes for the first time too.

Are there any album tracks that you’re particularly excited to play live for the first time?

Yeah, we got a tune called Kill which we haven’t played before which should be fun.

Let’s talk about ‘Broke’ – you’ve always been known for addressing the modern-day issues faced by the everyman, what issues are most prominent on the new record?

Everyone has issues, everyone has problems within their lives, and a load of fragmented aspects play a part in the make-up of the album.

Musically you fuse both grime and punk, what sort of music did you grow up listening to?

Rap/hip hop, metal, grime, hardcore and everything in between. Madonna to Marilyn Manson, Louis Armstrong to Faithless, I think that I, along with the rest of the band members, just love good music as opposed to ever being tied down by the iron restraints of ‘genre’.

Finally, some people argue that grime is the new punk – would you agree?

So many people say this, seems to be an obvious question/answer to me. Authentic, real movements of real people saying real shit in a DIY mentality in hope of better times, of course it holds a big resemblance. The expression in these types of music is invigorating.


See Astroid Boys at Kamio on the 29th September, tickets are available HERE.

For more information head to the Facebook event page.

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