EP REVIEW: The People The Poet – Paradise Closed

Formed in 2012, The People The Poet return with a six track EP as a follow up to their 2013 debut album The Narrator. Paradise Closed has a run time of approximately 24 minutes and is instantly recognisable as a step up for the South Wales four piece.

Happy Being Miserable opens the EP with a cheerful rock inspired guitar riff. Leon Stanford’s vocal performance shows signs of some raw aggression, giving the EP an authentic feel from the off.

Club 27 is an emotional, honest track that follows on. The chorus harmonies are reminiscent of Charlie Simpson’s solo work. The track slowly progresses and builds before releasing the pent up emotion towards the end of the four minutes.

Leading single Matchday sounds like the Welsh quartet have taken inspiration straight out of the Gaslight Anthem’s locker, with Stanford’s vocals replicating Brian Fallon’s to perfection. The chorus is driven with a laid back, mellowed out energy. The EP is easily relatable, making the six tracks sound close to home, with the lyrical content being simple to grasp. A notable section of the EP is a beautiful addition of some female backing vocals towards the end of Matchday.

Same Heart and Needle In A Haystack continue the clean cut, matured sound of The People The Poet. The six tracks keep you intrigued from start to finish, and closing track When the Fire Goes Out is the most delicate of the bunch.

The People The Poet’s sound is completely based around Stanford’s vocals and storytelling ability. The climactic closing track ends the EP beautifully and leaves your yearning for a second full length album.


Standout Tracks: Matchday, Club 27

For Fans Of: The Gaslight Anthem, Charlie Simpson

Written by: Jordan Dilley