Charlie Simpson


ALBUM REVIEW: Busted – Night Driver

When Busted announced their unlikely reunion a little over a year ago, we were all for it, if a little nervous. Now, the former-teenage heartthrobs venture into new territory with Night Driver, their first studio album since 2003.

EP REVIEW: The People The Poet – Paradise Closed

Formed in 2012, The People The Poet return with a six track EP as a follow up to their 2013 debut album The Narrator. Paradise Closed has a run time of approximately 24 minutes and is instantly recognisable as a step up for the South Wales four piece.

EP REVIEW: Once Upon a Dead Man – Concepts and Phenomena

Is there anything the Simpson brothers can't do? Free from record labels and any significant levels of expectation, Once Upon a Dead Man have produced an EP that shows they don't just work with guitars, and adds another string to their bows. As if they needed any more.