MUSIC NEWS: Enter Shikari Stream Live Deezer Session

Enter Shikari have streamed their live Deezer session, which was recorded in March in Paris during a day off from their The Mindsweep tour.

The set features reworked, fully live remixes of There’s A Price On Your Head and Anaesthetist as well as some of the band’s recent classics.

Frontman Rou Reynolds comments:

“It was great to be able to get live versions of these tracks down in a controlled environment. Records from live shows are often marred by the frenetic nature of the show situation, so it was a bit of a pleasant novelty to be able to record this stuff live while standing a bit more still. Hopefully the audio results will make up for the folks in the room not getting to see Rory C fall over”

You can check out the session HERE.

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