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The Ghost of A Thousand – The Macbeth

It was with great trepidation that we headed East to The Macbeth in London’s trendy Hoxton.  Not that we aren’t trendy of course, but when we go to a show or party we focus on the music not on what we look like to the outside world, which is all too apparent at times. We arrive just as garage band Mazes come off stage, leaving the tiny stage vacant for the Brighton punk/hardcore touring machine that is The Ghost of a Thousand to fill. From the minute they dive onstage front man Tom Lacey dives off it and into the melee, striving to get these trendy hipsters involved. Sadly it appears they have taken too much Ketamine and simply bounce around like inflatable clowns. This general lack of crowd interaction sadly spreads and anyone who wants to mosh or move to the music feels like the odd one out. This is the complete polar opposite to a usual TGOAT show, where no one stands still. The band take this minor setback in their stride, going that little bit more mental and pushing themselves even further.Tom climbed anything and everything he could get his hands on, spending many a song standing on the bar. Meanwhile, guitarists Andy and Jag pogo around the stage pulling all the punk rock moves known to man, thrashing their bodies around the stage. This may not be a punk rock crowd, but watching The Ghost of a Thousand perform another thrilling set full of vigour and vitriol, you can’t help but get immersed into their world. 8/10

Words: Ian Arnold

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