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Live Reviews

FESTIVAL REVIEW: Tramlines Festival 2021

Sheffield's biggest party was welcomed back into Hillsborough Park over the weekend of July 23rd - July 25th, as the twelfth edition of Tramlines Festival made its triumphant return to Steel City. It showcased the best music, film and comedy that local Sheffield acts and UK wide talent has to offer and featured flares, flying drinks and sets across five stages from Sarah Nulty’s Main Stage to T’Other Stage and The Leadmill Stage to The Open Arms. Tramlines put on a true northern style long weekender.
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FESTIVAL REVIEW: Download Pilot 2021

The recent ten thousand capacity Download Pilot event witnessed the welcomed live return of a full camping festival as part of the UK Government's pilot scheme to help open up live music. We were lucky enough to attend the memorable live event, find out what we thought about the artists we saw over the weekend!
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LIVE REVIEW: Twenty One Pilots, Livestream Experience (Live Stream), 21/05/2021

Live music is the lifeblood for a band like Twenty One Pilots. Their most recent live stream experience brought the duos candid expressions and wild imaginations to life like no other livestream has done over the last fourteen months, with brighter, bolder sights bringing 'Scaled and Icy' and the bands otherwise colour themed back catalogue to life with an hour long carefully choreographed, musical and visual masterpiece of an experience. This is the stunningly immersive story of 'Scaled and Icy'.  
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LIVE REVIEW: Crowbar (Live Stream), 20/02/2021

Sludge-metal outfit Crowbar recently performed their third live stream, which was directed by Mike Holderbeast. The event featured a mixed setlist, including tracks the band rarely play live - find out what we thought about the show here!
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LIVE REVIEW: Silverstein – Out of This World Concert Series, Part 1 – Greatest Hits Set (Live Stream) – 06/02/2021

We’re one year into a global pandemic (because one just *has* to strike every century, apparently), and we’ve begun to see more and more online shows. One could say that they’ve become all the rage in the industry, and these guys know it, because aside from being a three-part series, these new livestreams by Silverstein feature a highly outlandish storyline that makes everything truly… 'Out of This World' (*ba-dum-tshh*) - sorry, we couldn’t help it.
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