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ALBUM REVIEW: Aiko – Fortune’s Child

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Aiko (pronounced eye-ko) has just self-released her second album, Fortune’s child. Her music is considered dark pop, but with this latest album there is certainly more of a rock theme throughout. Born in Moscow and growing up in the Czech Republic, Aiko moved to the UK to study music and get involved in the music scene. Aiko began her journey into music at an early age, mainly through uploading videos to YouTube, and then went on to audition for the Czech edition of SuperStar in 2015, in which she made it to the semi-finals.

The Brighton-based artist teamed up with producers Steven Ansell and Filip Vlcek on Fortunes child. On the album, she comments: “I live in a blissfully naïve state, where I believe that everything will always work out for me. That everything will be good. Some people might be born lucky, some might create the luckiness for themselves. Nevertheless, ever since I was a child, I believed that I’m very fortunate!” Philosophical words indeed.

The thunderous opener, Opposites don’t attract, is a song with a heavy electronic backbeat, although this doesn’t drown out the outstanding vocals.

Pedestal is an easy listening track both musically and lyrically with Aiko belting out the chorus: “I, I, I, I need to learn to put myself on a pedestal/I will be loving me more/Loving me/Put myself on a pedestal.”

Instincts allows Aiko to once again show off her vocal talents, while next track Parade is one of those songs that is easy to go back to. It’s definitely one of the standout tracks on the album. The opening lyrics burst out at the listener: “You don’t understand kindness/You only like me toxic and violent/You only like it begging on your knees/Saying Please.”

Restless is a collaboration with USA TikTok sensation Boy Jr. and is a very good effort on both parts with its booming lyrics. Naivni is an interesting song, in that it is sung completely in the Czech language. Translated as Naïve in English, the song is still very listenable and shows that Aiko hasn’t forgotten her Czech roots.

Power is another track that is lyrically excellent. If you close your eyes while listening to Power you could easily mistake it for the voice of the late Delores O’Riorden, of The Cranberries fame. Aiko’s songwriting ability is top class and the production of music on this album is really high.

Daughter of the sun was released in June 2021 and has a bouncy, electronic backbeat alongside Aiko’s outstanding voice on the chorus.

The end section of the Fortune’s child album is outstanding, with Gemini and Danced in the silence both standout tracks. The album closer Outro//Femme Fatale has haunting lyrics and chants against a backdrop of electronic beats, an excellent choice of song to end the record.

Fortune’s child sees Aiko shift from alternative pop to the edgier realms of pop-rock, taking you on an emotional rollercoaster for the album’s forty minute duration. With a fresh feel we recommend you give this one a listen.


Standout Tracks: Pedestal, Parade, Power, Daughter of the sun

For Fans Of: Yonaka, Black Honey, The Cranberries

Written by: Alan Brown

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