VIDEO NEWS: LUNARS Release Video For New Single ‘Figure It Out’

Photo Credit: Lovro Habek

LUNARS (Previously The Lunar Year) have released the video for their new single Figure It Out.

Speaking about the track, vocalist, guitarist and bassist Connor Ball (The Vamps) explains, “‘Figure It Out’ is a song about reaching out to a friend that’s in time of need when they’re struggling mentally and finding it hard to find a way out and telling them that they can put all their anxieties and worries on you so that they can have time out.”

He continues, “I feel like there’s so many people (young people especially) that are left in the dark these days not knowing how to talk when they’re feeling anxiety or depression. I know from my own experiences that it’s an incredibly dark and lonely time even when you have friends and family in your life that just don’t know what you’re going through because you can’t conjure up the words or courage to say anything. I would love this song to be an escape for the people that are like this and even if they feel like they can’t talk they can find peace in hearing the lyrics in this song. I wrote this song with Colin Dieden (Little Hurt) in LA. It was the first time I’d met/written with him and to write a song like this on a first meet can be pretty daunting, but it came out super naturally – he’s a super talented guy and I’m grateful he came into the studio with us that day!”

The video was filmed during a recent pop-up performance in Birmingham where fans were able to hear the track in full and discuss their own mental health experiences.

Like what you hear? Figure It Out Is available to stream/download HERE.

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