VIDEO NEWS: Dragged Under Release ‘Mad Punks’ Lyric Video

Photo Credit: Jake Paulson

Dragged Under have shared the lyric video for their track Mad Punks.

“My general sentiment toward people who call themselves punk is that they tend to be punk only as it relates to an image. Punk was never just about what’s hanging in your closet or minimalist 4 chord songs. Punk has always been about pushing back on the narratives we get sold by the media, the Government and massive corporations. Punk is about questioning everything, but people have a one party mindset,” says vocalist Tony Cappocchi of the track.

“We have the same problems now as we did 4 years ago and we’ll have the same problems in the next 4 years, but the same people marching for change are sitting back with their feet up since the throne was abdicated to someone who “represents” the party they chose (as if that means anything). Some of the most radical advocates for progressive and change seem to be content now, even though conditions in our country are as bad as they’ve ever been. Nothing has changed, and somehow everything has changed.”

Like what you hear? Mad Punks is available to stream/download HERE.

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