VIDEO NEWS: ’68 Release Video For New Single ‘Removed Their Hooks’

’68 have released a video for their new single Removed Their Hooks, taken from their forthcoming new album Yes, and….

One day while I was in the kitchen making a sandwich, I could hear the news in the distance. They were telling the same ol’ tales of negativity and fear that keep their ratings up and viewers engaged. In response to one of their comments I just said out loud, “Well, tell me something that I don’t know.” This immediately set things in motion,” explains vocalist/guitarist Josh Scogin.

The dominos were already stacked up nice and neat, I just needed to push the first one over. By the time I was done cutting the avocado I was humming a version of the riff. As soon as I was done sprinkling some Tajin seasoning on the avocado, I had the basic outline of the song. Once I was mixing the Sriracha in with the Ranch I had the basic lyrics for the first couple of verses. As I was adding the Gouda cheese, sliced tomato, and cilantro, I could imagine the bridge. The heavy part came to me while I was flipping the sandwich on the grill. Finally, once it was plated, I had the whole song sorted. Well, all except the last minute of the song. That’s a different story altogether. That journey, I could write a whole book about…and maybe I will.

Yes, and… is available to pre-order HERE ahead of its release on 29th September 2023 via Pure Noise Records.

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