MUSIC NEWS: Wicketkeeper Release New Single ‘Answers’

Photo Credit: Jo Bongard 

Wicketkeeper have released their new single Answers, a final glimpse into their upcoming second album Zambroni.

“The lyrics in Answers are comprised entirely from quiz answers I found in the back of my notebook,” explains Simon Morley. “I write lyrics in the front of it normally, and I was struggling to find a theme to this tune that Ryan had sent over. I flicked through the notepad and found all these answers to loads of Zoom quizzes that we’d done during lockdown. There were so many, it was pretty easy finding the ones that rhymed with each other. So in one way it’s the most meaningless song we’ve ever written. But in another it’s the most relatable! I hope people have fun listening and trying to work what all the questions were :)”

“My friend Ed messaged me last week saying ‘Why didn’t you use Answers as a single from Zambroni? You’re a moron.’ And although Ed is correct in his appraisal of my intelligence, he is wrong about it not being a single. ‘Focus Track’ as the industry calls it, the single we shout about ON album release. You could say it’s the most important single. I think it’s our best, as does Ed… This one’s for Ed.”

Zambroni is due for release on 22nd September 2023 via Umpire Records, available to pre-order HERE.

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