MUSIC NEWS: Rocket Pengwin Releases New Single ‘Polar Opposites’

Photo Credit: Margaryta Bushkin

Rocket Pengwin aka Eddie Sears has shared his new single Polar Opposites; the title track of his debut album.

“The song, like the album, is an exploration of a series of big ‘what ifs’.” says Sears.  “I wrote it as a representation of moments in my life where as I was wrestling with feelings for someone who I wasn’t sure felt the same way back. I also wrote this song when I was fresh to NYC – I really had a rough go of it for the first few years in the city, and this struggle with figuring out whether or not I’m too different for this place led me to the creation of Rocket Pengwin”

Like what you hear? Polar Opposites is out now, available to stream/download HERE.

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