MUSIC NEWS: Rocket Pengwin Announces Debut Album Details & Shares Video For ‘Central Park’

Photo Credit: Margaryta Bushkin

Rocket Pengwin aka Eddie Sears has announced his debut album Polar Opposites is set for release on 22nd September.

Alongside the album announcement a video for new single Central Park is out now, singing of a love letter to New York City and the distances people will go to make a relationship work. “I wrote Central Park from the perspective of someone who’s watching a relationship play out from the sidelines – a relationship with someone they have feelings for in the literal sense, a relationship with something like a new city they’ve moved to where they still feel out of place, a relationship with anything of value and meaning, really,” explains Sears.

He continues, “Central Park itself is a vast, beautiful ecosystem stuck inside the busiest city in the world. It’s a strange metaphor for what we all want and crave as humans – beauty and serenity in the midst of chaos. In complex relationships, we yearn for those moments, and the song specifically chronicles how the character can see the beauty in their love interest in the chaos – they’re beautiful to them no matter what the circumstance is.”

Like what you hear? Central Park is available to stream/download HERE.

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