MUSIC NEWS: MOSKITO Announce Debut EP Details & Share Single ‘Thrill Seeker’

Indie-punk outfit MOSKITO have announced their debut EP G.R.I.M (Grief, Remorse Infected Manhood) is set for release on 13th October 2023.

“The EP was written during a turbulent time of our lives,” comments vocalist Jake Rudd. “We have all suffered grief, chaos and mourning and fought our way back as warriors, often losing yourself in your own head during the process. Being lost in your head, partnered with seismic events in our lives, u-turned our creative space to a dark path and unwillingly thrusted us towards G.R.I.M era.”

Alongside the EP announcement, lead single Thrill Seeker has been released.

“This song is a villainous tale of woe and deceit – showing a day in the life of an unhinged, volatile yet cunning criminal,” comments bassist Will Rudd. “A stalker who takes pleasure in committing unspeakable acts leading them on a treacherous path, a step too far, with a twisted mind like a worn out car. Once you know the meaning of this song you can’t go back.”

Like what you hear? Thrill Seeker is available to stream HERE.

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