VIDEO NEWS: Break Fifty Release Video For New Single ‘Dreamland’ Featuring Ben Mason

Photo Credit: Murry Deaves

Nu-Core outfit Break Fifty have released their new single Dreamland featuring guest vocals from Ben Mason (Bound In Fear/Pintglass).

“The lyrics depict a dark and intense scene. Offering a feeling of fearlessness in the face of danger, represented by the “jaws of the beast” as “this is all I am”, offering myself to be consumed by the darkness. All self control is lost from substance and emotional turmoil,” comments vocalist Angus regarding the track. “The mention of “rats in the walls” and a dance partner symbolises a descent into madness or chaos. The lyrics delve into themes of shame, self-destruction, and an impending death symbolised by the scythe of the reaper. Overall, the lyrics convey a sense of desperation, surrender, and the desire for release from torment”.

Dreamland is available to stream HERE.

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