MUSIC NEWS: Haunt the Woods Release New Single ‘The Line, Pt. II’

Photo Credit: Steve Gullick

Haunt the Woods have released their new single The Line, Pt. II, taken from their upcoming sophomore album Ubiquity.

“The Line, Pt. II is a reprise of the themes covered in our first EP The Line,” the band explains. “As we grow older, society and the unrelenting struggle to survive seems to drain the colour out of life, leaving a grey, monochromatic existence. Perhaps if we reconnected with the beauty of life and had the time to find peace of mind, the colour would return. In glimpses it does.”

Ubiquity is due for release on 29th September 2023 via Spinefarm, available to pre-order HERE.

See Haunt the Woods live at Carnglaze Caverns in Cornwall on 29th September 2023, to celebrate the release of the album.

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