As they approach the deadline to release their second studio album Human, French metalcore outfit Resolve are feeling more human than ever before. Their debut album Between Me And The Machine cemented their identity of big breakdowns and even bigger melodies. But second time around Resolve have found their wings, expanding and experimenting with their sound while getting the most personal they have ever been on a body of work. Flying over to Radar Festival for their first ever UK festival appearance, we sat down with Resolve bassist Robin Mariat to talk all about the band’s sonic duality, Siamese being party animals and their Radar Festival expectations. 

You recently released your latest single New Colours, taken from your upcoming album Human out in September. We think from all the singles we have heard so far, including the new one, they are all so sonically dynamic from each other whilst retaining what is at the core of Resolve’s identity – big breakdowns and big melodies. How do you go about incorporating new styles and genres into your music when making new tracks like New Colours? 

With Resolve, we have always had a duality to our music. Some songs are very heavy and some songs are more upbeat. I think we want to keep it that way, because it doesn’t make the album boring. We have a lot of influences and we just want to have fun making a single or an album, and that’s exactly why we want to have this duality to our music.

Looking at the album in a broader context, Human thematically has the capacity to follow on seamlessly from your previous album Between Me And The Machine. The record seems to continue on detailing the thoughts, feelings and emotional connection of humans. Talk to us about expanding on this theme and really continuing on this storyline for the album.   

Well with our first album being called Between Me And The Machine and now our second album being called Human, we wanted to convey a journey. This new album is definitely a lot more personal though, but it’s still very much a continuation of Between Me And The Machine. We have hidden some Easter eggs in there for fans and have incorporated similar lyrical ideas to the first album, but this time around it feels more human.

Before we get onto your impending set at Radar today, it wasn’t long ago you guys were on your co-headliner run with Siamese, which honestly seemed like the perfect package between you guys. Did that tour seem like the perfect fit for you guys too? 

Funnily enough our favourite show on that tour was Manchester. But everyone on that tour was super sick, we connected really well with the support bands on that tour, but we love Siamese too. They are just party animals and are always in the best mood. We made a lot of friends on that tour.

Speaking of Radar, this is Resolve’s first ever time playing this festival and we think you have come at a good time, especially with the festival’s move up to this new venue in Manchester. What does that feel like for you guys playing a festival overseas for the first time? Is there any more pressure or nerves added because it’s a totally new environment for you, or does that make you more excited as a band to get out there and play? 

Manchester is kind of our hometown for the UK so we have some expectations for tonight, because the last time we were here was at Rebellion on that Siamese tour. Radar is actually our first UK festival ever and the UK festival circuit in particular can be hard for European bands, as it’s a very closed touring circuit. But we were just walking around and seeing the places for the first time, and we are very happy to be here and very excited to be watching and playing on the same day as Periphery tonight.

Resolve‘s new album Human is due for release on 15th September 2023 via Arising Empire, available to pre-order HERE.

Katie Conway-Flood
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