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After years of teasing, Heavy Lungs have recently announced the release of their debut album All Gas No Brakes, and after a raucous set at Truck Festival, we caught up with lead singer Danny Nedelko to talk all things Heavy Lungs.

How was your experience playing Truck Fest?

Yeah it was great, we played back in 2019 and it was one of the few festivals we are playing this summer. The crowd was great and we had a really enjoyable experience, I know we all had a great time but we saw no trucks, which was extremely disappointing!

How would you describe a Heavy Lungs gig?

I would say cathartic, sweaty, loving, and you will definitely have tinnitus after!

When did you guys decide it was the time to record and release your debut and go from releasing an EP to an LP?

We just made an album to be relevant to be honest haha! Just kidding, we’ve always wanted to release an album and now we’ve finished our first album we’re already beginning to plan our second. We’re just really excited to see how our record is received, because the writing process is hard work and you get worried about what people think. You make an album and go to lots of effort and think it’s perfect and then you start to pick holes in it, but it’s also very exciting. But you can pre-order the album now!

How did the idea for your second single All Gas No Brakes video come about?

It’s like 100 ideas into one like if you blink you’ll miss it, every time you watch the video you’ll see something new, it was a crazy two days. We’re recording a music video for our next single in the next few days, which I think is going to be even crazier than All Gas No Brakes. I am really excited about it. I think this one will really blow peoples minds with everything we have planned, and the single will be out sometime in the middle of August.

If the album All Gas No Brakes was a car, what would it be and why?

You know the crazy exotic green car at the start of the first Fast and Furious, I think definitely that one. I think that sums up All Gas No Brakes perfectly

If you had to describe your sound to a reader who had never heard your music before, what would you say/sound of new album

Big, big riffs but also thought provoking lyrics. It’s going to be our first physical release where people will be able to read the lyrics in the sleeve, so I’m excited to see how people interpret and dissect the lyrics. So far our new singles have been received really positively and I can’t wait for people to hear the whole record.

What are your plans for this summer and the rest of 2023?

We’ve got a few more festivals this summer and then got the album out followed by a UK tour. We’re playing some venues and rooms we’ve never played before and we’re really excited to play a lot of venues we haven’t played before. Our last tour was four years ago so can’t wait to get back playing around the UK, we also want to continue writing towards our next record.

Heavy Lungs‘ debut album All Gas No Brakes is due for release on 29th September 2023 via Alcopop! Records, available to pre-order HERE.

See Heavy Lungs live at one of the following dates:

Thu 5th – EDINBURGH – Sneaky Pete’s
Fri 6th – GLASGOW – Broadcast
Sat 7th – NEWCASTLE – Cluny 2
Wed 11th – LEEDS – Hyde Park Book Club
Thu 12th – SHEFFIELD – Sidney & Matilda
Fri 13th – MANCHESTER – YES Pink Room
Sat 14th – NOTTINGHAM – The Bodega
Wed 18th – BIRMINGHAM – Hare & Hounds
Thu 19th – BRISTOL – The Fleece
Fri 20th – LONDON – Moth Club
Sat 21st – BRIGHTON – Hope & Ruin

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