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ALBUM REVIEW: Knomad Spock – Winter of Discontent

Knomad Spock – a name derived from the restless spirit that has driven him through life, is an artist who hails jointly from Britain and Somalia. His debut record consists of poetry, rap and neofolk, which accumulate to make 'Winter of Discontent'. With influences ranging from Four Tet to Radiohead, the record sees the artist paint a canvas that expresses his dual heritage with a variety of different paints.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Gojira – Fortitude

Gojira were arguably the metal band of the decade in the 2010s, with the huge 'L’Enfant Sauvage' and Grammy-nominated 'Magma'. They are a band hot on the lips of every metal fan, and are well on their way to being an all-time great - so, how does 'Fortitude' begin the next decade for the French band?

MUSIC INTERVIEW: Holding Absence

With just days away from the release of their sophomore record 'The Greatest Mistake Of My Life', we spoke to Holding Absence frontman Lucas Woodland about their emotional new record, going back on tour and much more.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Dry Cleaning – New Long Leg

Dry Cleaning’s debut full-length has been one post-punk fans have been waiting for ever since their first sniff of their debut EP back in 2018. So, does Florence Shaw’s observations of the world around her formulate into an album worth your time, or is the excitement for Dry Cleaning not justified?
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ALBUM REVIEW: Death From Above 1979 – Is 4 Lovers

Death From Above 1979’s combination of in-your-face dance punk with raw riffage is a sound that is uniquely theirs. Now onto their fourth record, 'Is 4 Lovers', the duo have taken their tried and tested formula and incorporated some experimental new sounds.
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ALBUM REVIEW: A Day To Remember – You’re Welcome

A Day To Remember are back with a new album, 'You’re Welcome', which sees the band to take on a brand-new ambitious sound. So, after nearly two years of hype and speculation, will the band pull off this new, arena-friendly sound or will they fail miserably?
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EP REVIEW: Of Mice & Men – Timeless

After kicking off 2021 with a bang by dropping huge new single 'Obsolete', Of Mice & Men have set the standards for this EP incredibly high. The band have labelled these tracks as the beginning of a new era. So does their first music released on SharpTone Records begin the new era fittingly?
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ALBUM REVIEW: Loathe – The Things They Believe

Following up the release of the breathtakingly astounding 'I Let it in and it Took Everything' was never going to be an easy task for one of England’s most exciting young bands. With all the expectation in the world, does this dazzlingly ambitious record back up the statement that Loathe are one of the most intriguing bands in the scene?
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