Bambie Thug says that performing live is like therapy for them. It provides a much needed release from the pent-up emotions, frustrations and anger of life, feelings they keep to themselves until they explode on stage in a musical display of cross-genre mashups. And all the while turning the spotlight on hugely sensitive and taboo subjects, with deep, raw lyrics and song subjects.

“My songwriting is an outlet for my emotions,” says Bambie Thug. “100 percent it is always like catharsis for me. For me, songwriting is a form of journaling or diarying and I have so many journals from throughout my whole life, which was my only way to figure my brain out or address the things that have happened to me or feelings. I am blessed for that. It is a fun way to navigate my mind.”

Bambie is quieter than we imagined they would be and having seen them on stage, we expected someone who talked and moved at a thousand miles a second. But they are thoughtful, insightful but always, always very open and genuine.

“I am literally like this,” they tell Bring The Noise UK. “I bottle it all up and I think my performance is the outlet for all my rage, because I’m not a very angry person. I am calm and maybe I should get more angry more often. I am anxious 24/7, but when it comes to shows I feel nothing. My anxiety is on overload before the show maybe, but it goes up but I am quite good at calming myself and it always goes away as soon as I get up there on stage.

“I feel good today and I’m only annoyed at myself for just arriving this morning. Wish I’d been here earlier. I’m feeling good, excited, trying to remain zen and it’s roasting but I feel confident.”

The subject of their songs and lyrics is the next pitstop in our chat, as we try to find some shade and respite from the relentless barrage of the great fiery ball above us in the sky.

“I went through a massive self-sabotage phase in my life and it still comes in waves,” admits Bambie Thug. “Sometimes it creeps back in and that TED Talk in your head can be negative. It is about overcoming it, but when I sing the song I am in it. I guess when I write things out it gives me a way to kick that thought form away, and you don’t know who is listening to that song in the moment that is experiencing exactly what I was experiencing when I wrote it. That’s what music is for a time traveller.”

As we chat, Bambie drops a hint on a live collaboration happening later during her set, as they admit Mimi Barks will be joining them on stage. This pair do what they love and they do it well. But how did the two ever-growing musical powerhouses, neither a slave or imprisoned by any one, or even a handful of genres, meet? 

“Mimi and I met at the Kerrang! Awards last year. I was like you’re cool, so do you want to come for dinner to my house. Since then we have become friends. She is gorgeous and I love her. She’s a good soul in my life and I like her. I would love to collaborate one day but also …. I’m not telling,” they add with a grin.

Interview by: Eric Mackinnon

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