Eric Mackinnon
Long time journo who sold his soul to newspapers to fund his passion of following rock and metal bands around Europe. A regular gig-goer, tour-traveller and festival scribe who has broken stories of some of the biggest bands in the world and interviewed most. Even had a trifle with Slash once. Lover of bourbon, 80's rock and is a self-confessed tattoo addict.

Creeper: Hannah Greenwood and the Year 3000

Somewhere deep in the bowels of Download, beyond the prying eyes of their adoring fans, sit goth-rock-punk superstars Creeper. We caught up with keyboardist/vocalist Hannah Greenwood ahead of their performance on The Avalanche Stage earlier this month, to discuss pre-show routines, the return of live music and more.

Guns N’ Roses: The Most Dangerous Band In The World & The Tour You Can’t Afford To Miss

In just 15 days and 15 nights they will return to give us four-dates with the most dangerous band in the world. The Sunset Strip swaggering, global conquering, generation defining, Guns N’ f*ckin’ Roses will plug in their amps and unleash an expected three-hour set of rock n’ roll royalty, to sell-out crowds in London, Dublin and for me the pièce de résistance, a glorious night under the Scottish skies of Glasgow Green.
Live Reviews

LIVE REVIEW: The Offspring, OVO Hydro, Glasgow, 27/11/2021

Having been rattling and jonesing for live music since the early part of 2020 when the idea of a global shutdown was nothing more than a nightmarish concept we were there early for The Offspring's set, determined, hellbent and absolutely sure that we wouldn’t miss a note, a lick or beat of their set. And over more than 90-glorious minutes, SoCal's finest never let us down. 

Creeper: Ronan Creeping And The Cursed Album

Creeper are a band who will never stand still, won’t allow themselves to become stale and who need to challenge themselves musically and creatively. Following their Top 5 UK Album Chart success with sophomore album 'Sex, Death and the Infinite Void', we caught up with guitarist Ian Miles to discuss their chart battle with Ronan Keating, why he thinks their latest album is cursed, their sudden disappearance in 2018 and more...

You have to endure the rain to see the rainbow: Download Festival 2021

2020 is a year which has been so God awful it is as if it tumbled from the blackened soul of Lucifer himself, with most of us literally locked inside our own homes for months, the country, scratch that THE WORLD, on its collective knees, and no live music to soothe our pain and misery. So although Download 2021 is yet 10-long months away it is no surprise, following their recent announcement, that excitement is already creeping towards fever pitch at the mere thought of seeing the bands we love thrill us from the festival's stages next year.
Inside The Mind

MUSIC FEATURE: Inside The Mind Of…Art Alexakis

We were strolling through Glasgow when we spotted a poster in a club venue advertising an acoustic set by Art Alexakis. We had no idea Art, who is the frontman of Everclear, was touring a brand new solo record. Naturally we sourced tickets and we were all over this show like a doberman on fresh meat. After all, Everclear were one of the gateway bands which took our hand and led us skipping merrily through rock, punk and into metal. Whilst at the show we took the opportunity to catch up with the man himself, to reminisce, discuss his solo venture and more.

MUSIC INTERVIEW: Kaspar Boye Larsen – Volbeat

Great Danes Volbeat brought their ass-kicking, hip-swinging, mud hole stomping brand of distinctive, melodic and thoroughly unique metal-billy to Glasgow recently. They are the band Elvis Presley would have fronted had he hooked up with metal guitarists on a three-day bender with a pair of punk rockers. On their recent run of UK headline shows, Bring The Noise UK sat down with Volbeat bassist Kaspar Boye Larsen on the band’s lush tour bus – their home from home during their tour.
Live Reviews

LIVE REVIEW: Volbeat, O2 Academy, Glasgow, 24/09/2019

All too often modern rock and metal bands can become enslaved to a type and style of music which is more cookie cutter than innovative. It is at times like these when Volbeat smack you dead in the teeth with a welcome wall of distinctive, melodic and thoroughly unique metal-billy. The band are touring venues in the UK on a headline run, and Bring The Noise UK were there in the front two, horns in the sky, for their sold-out Glasgow show.