MUSIC NEWS: Lazy Queen Release New EP & Single ‘I See You’

Photo Credit: Fabian Framdal Fjeldvi

Lazy Queen have released their new EP Growing Pains via Icons Creating Evil Art. The band have also shared their new single, I See You.

“Being blind and falling victim to our own behavioural patterns and shortcomings, both big and small, just seems to be such a universal part of being human,” says Henrik Gracía Søberg. “It’s both something I’d experience myself, but also see happen to friends, and people around me. And as it often is, it’s so much easier to meet others’ shortcomings with empathy and understanding, versus allowing yourself that same grace. This change of perspective, and how my reactions, feelings and responses would change depending on the situation became the inspiration for the song.”

Growing Pains is available to stream or purchase HERE

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