VIDEO NEWS: Can’t Swim Release Video For ‘Can You Help Me?’

Photo Credit: Paige Tate

Can’t Swim have released a video for can you help me?, taken from their brand new album Thanks But No Thanks

Thanks But No Thanks is my favourite Can’t Swim release to date,” says lead vocalist Chris LoPorto. “Not because I think the songs are better compared to our other records (I’m proud of all the stuff we’ve done) but it has made me fall back in love with music and especially making it with my band. Art is a funny thing, as soon as it starts to feel like your job the enjoyment and excitement of it all can severely decrease, this album did the complete opposite for me. This record marks 7 years of putting out music and it made me feel like we are just getting started. Love y’all.

Thanks But No Thanks is out now via Pure Noise Records, available to stream or purchase HERE

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