MUSIC NEWS: New Single From Ruston Kelly

Following the announcement of a North American tour for his new record, American singer-songwriter Ruston Kelly has shared the second instalment of his greatly anticipated record, The Weakness. Although written during a solo trip to Joshua Tree, California, where Kelly admits,  “I rented this little cabin out on 22 acres, just me and the coyotes, and ended up checking out a shop nearby and buying a baritone ukulele. I remember thinking, ‘This is so stupid — I’m trying to be that guy, going out to some cabin and writing my opus. Why don’t I just have some fun?’” 

So, with the new single, Mending Song Kelly does just that.

Originating from a voice-note, “you can hear the dryer running in the background, but there’s something really special about the feel of that recording,” says Kelly.

Out April 7th, via Rounder Records, pre-order The Weakness HERE.

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