MUSIC NEWS: Savage Hands Announce EP Details & Release New Single ‘Angel Dust’

Savage Hands have announced their new EP Rock Bottom is set for release on 7th April via SharpTone Records.

Commenting on EP, vocalist Michael Garrow says: “When people read the word ‘rock bottom,’ they typically associate it with something that’s super negative. In this sense, we’re using it as if it’s just where we come from. We come from a low point in the industry, as everyone else does… and we want to make it known that we’re proud of where we came from and we love the grind. It takes a lot to be a musician these days and we’re proud of the things we had to do and will continue to do to keep getting our music into new ears. It’s celebrating the small victories and respecting the long game.”

Alongside the EP announcement, the band have shared their new single Angel Dust.

“‘Angel Dust’ is just about going for something in life, no matter what kind of hurt you go through in the process,” explains the band. “We’ve all worked a job, dated a significant other, or have been involved in some type of scenario that probably weighs down on our mental health or physical health. This song mainly is a representation of a sort of ‘lust’ we feel trying to achieve greatness from whatever it is we desire — not giving in to the ‘red flags’ and pushing through them as if the end goal is going to change the outcome.” 

Like what you hear? You can stream/download Angel Dust HERE.

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