MUSIC NEWS: Turnover release ‘Tears of Change’ music video

Photo Credit: Reggie McCafferty

Marking the release of their new album Myself in the Way via Run For Cover Records, Turnover have just released a new video to accompany the previously dropped single Tears of Change, which can be watched below:


Including the tracks, Ain’t Love Heavy, Mountains Made of Clouds, Wait Too Long and Myself in the Way, the album offers a more experimental outlook than their previous works a “byproduct of the band’s growth both as individuals and collectively“. As frontman and co-producer, Austin Getz, shares, “I had specific ideas for sound design on this album. I knew a lot of sounds I wanted to hear and use. We wanted everything to be able to be heard and have its own place. I was inspired by the way Magical Mystery Tour and Dark Side of the Moon sounded. We decided to go a lot wider with it and utilize panning and stereo more than we had in the past, while also wanting it to sound tighter and smaller than some of our earlier records“.

But don’t take our word for it, listen HERE.

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