VIDEO NEWS: Lille Venn Releases ‘Sleepover Song’ Music Video

Norweigan pop-rock singer-songwriter Lille Venn (aka Helene Brunæs) has shared the music video for her new single Sleepover Song.

“‘Sleepover Song’ was the song I needed to write to break through months of anxiety and, ironically, insomnia. In my early twenties, I had developed a fear of sleeping alone, a fear of dogs, a fear of being afraid of everything,” explains Brunæs. “Yearning for simpler times where my thoughts weren’t going a thousand miles an hour, I started writing about good memories like sleepovers with childhood friends, where my only thoughts were about whoever I ‘like-liked’ at the time and my only fear was my mom coming to pick me up the day after a night of teenage mischief.”

The visualiser was created by Venn and her family who experienced a number of big moves during her childhood. She explains, “We’re so close because we all went through these big experiences and moves together, but no matter where we are we always have each other. We were all, in our own way, the new kids. People didn’t want to get attached to us because we were never staying for too long. I feel so lucky to have a family who is so supportive, it was just second nature to work with them—we’re all creative in our own right, but we can come together and support each other’s work and visions on our projects in a very collaborative way.”

Like what you hear? Sleepover Song is available to stream/download.

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