MUSIC NEWS: Lille Venn Releases Debut EP & Video For ‘Whatever, Together’

Lille Venn (aka Helene Brunæs) has released her debut EP Whatever, Together.

“Whatever, Together is the diary I kept while I was in the belly of the beast of grief and trying to find steady ground after having the rug ripped out from under me – diary entries about losing friends, family members, a sense of belonging and being in too deep to even ask for help,” Lille Venn explains of her debut EP. 

“It’s an attempt to reconnect myself with friends and family after feeling isolated and only having conversations with them in my head because I was too afraid to have them out loud. It’s about knowing you’re one of many people around you who are trying their best, and trying to be the best version of yourself with them, whatever that may be.”

To celebrate, the Norwegian pop rock newcomer has released a video for the EP’s title track. 

Whatever, Together is out now via Little Friend Big World.

See Lille Venn live at X2 Festivalen (NO), Oslo Indiefest (NO) and Musikkfest Oslo (NO) this year.  

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