VIDEO NEWS: Indigo Bay Release Video For New Single ‘Papercuts’

Photo Credit: Ellen Offredy

Indigo Bay have released a video for their new single Papercut, taken from their forthcoming debut EP After Dark

“Papercuts is about feeling lost after a relationship falls apart. During this particular relationship I was changing who I was to make myself more likeable, hurting people that have been there for me, and ended up doing different things that I didn’t like doing. So when the relationship fell apart, I felt so lost because I didn’t know what I liked or wanted to do anymore. I’d lost touch with who I was.” says vocalist/guitarist Callum Minks.

A DIY video has been shared, touching upon the importance of friendship and checking in with your loved ones. “I still struggle with my mental health but one thing that gets me through each day is my friends around me,” adds Minks. “They make sure I get out of bed so I don’t continue to waste my days away sleeping. So, we really wanted to create a video that encapsulates how tight we are as a group. Knowing each other for 6 or so years, as well as the friends we’ve met along the way, we’ve all seen each other go through these kinds of relationships and not just with partners, with family too. And it’s just really nice that we’ve all got each other’s backs. Check in on your pals!”

Like what you hear? The track is out now via Heist or Hit and can be streamed/downloaded HERE. The band’s debut EP After Dark is set for release on 9th November 2022.

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