MUSIC NEWS: Indigo Bay Release New Single ‘Say What You Wanna Say’

Photo Credit: Ellen Offredy

Indie-pop outfit Indigo Bay have released their new single Say What You Wanna Say, taken from their forthcoming debut EP After Dark.

“’Say What You Wanna Say’ is upbeat, summery, and talks about coming together and helping each other. It’s about holding onto your dream and chasing it. I have a bad habit of comparing myself with others which stops me from enjoying things, so the first verse is about having this dream but then feeling overwhelmed with how fast life seems to be flowing. Everyone else appears to be taking it in their stride, whereas I seem to be struggling to keep my head above the water,” says vocalist/guitarist Callum Minks. “The second verse is about reassurance. It mentions a light at the end of the tunnel and that people are around to help you get through tough times. So the song is a pick me up to make your voice heard and do what you want to do!”
Talking about the recording process, he adds: “Recording it with the guys at Bam Bam Studios was really fun. As the song is about coming together, we brought producers Harry (Jordan) and Dan (Clifford-Smith) into the backing vocals. So for the chant in the chorus, we used one microphone and captured us all singing it. This was really nice because I was having a tough day mentally and it made me feel like I don’t have to do things all on my own; I can bring people in to help out.”

Like what you hear? The track is out now via Heist or Hit and can be streamed/downloaded HERE. The band’s debut EP After Dark is set for release on 9th November 2022.

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