MUSIC NEWS: The Standstills Release New Single ‘Motherlode’ Featuring Eagles Of Death Metal

Photo Credit: Lane Dorsey

Canadian duo The Standstills have released their new single Motherlode, taken from their upcoming album Shockwave. The track features Eagles Of Death Metal

“Renée (drums / vocals) and I spent some time in LA to get inspired to write what would eventually become our new album, Shockwave,” explains vocalist/guitarist Jonny Fox. “If you are a musician and spend any significant time in Los Angeles you will run into the city’s unofficial mayor, Father Badass, Jesse Hughes. We instantly hit it off, loving similar styles of music and sharing the same outlook on creative arts. Before we knew it, we were at a Bar-B-Que at his place that turned into a full-tilt jam session in his living room that lasted a couple days. Unfortunately, we never stopped to record any of it. Fast forward a few months to when we completed ‘Motherlode’ with Neil Sanderson of Three Days Grace; the song reminded us of our time out West with Jesse, and it just felt natural to as him and Josh Jove to be a part of it. Without a second’s hesitation, Jesse jumped at it. He is truly one of a kind, not afraid to speak his mind, and we loved that.”

Shockwave is due for release on 4th November 2022 via MNRK, available to pre-order HERE

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