MUSIC NEWS: Good Scott Releases New Single ‘Cardigans’

It’s safe to say this year has been good to Good Scott, with two successful single releases, Yes Man and Sorry Not Sorry, providing the summer soundtrack our hearts craved. All contributing to a larger project, Good Scott reveal their inner romantics with brand new single Cardigans.

Cardigans’ fills the more romantic spot on the coming mixtape, being about wanting to take things further with someone. It’s kind of the ‘boyfriend hoodie’ vibe but I’m more of a cardigan guy so switch the hoodie out for a cardigans. I like the idea of borrowing or sharing clothes being a big step and feeling like a token of commitment. I wrote it with my friend Ed, who is so good at putting lyrics into a simple clear message, and that’s one thing I love about this track, the lyrics just say it super literally without too many frills around it. Musically I tried to make it as wonky as I could without it feeling too far from the previous releases.

Complete with a video that screams cosy nostalgia, listen to the new single HERE

Moment of truth, are you a hoodie or a cardigan?

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