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ALBUM REVIEW: The Chats – Get Fucked

Photo Credit: Luke Henery

The Chats are most geezers’ favourite punk band. Their songs (mostly spanning less than two minutes) are fun, stupid, and tell tales that can relate to a lot of young people… For better or for worse.

The aptly named Get Fucked marks The Chats‘ second full-length effort after the hugely successful High Risk Behaviour, which features festival classics such as Identity Theft, Drunk n Disorderly, and Pub Feed – three songs that pretty much do what they say on the tin.

After the pandemic and lockdowns had passed us, The Chats spent 12 months relentlessly touring, whilst also including the new addition of guitarist Josh Hardy who replaces Pricey in the band’s line-up.

Get Fucked also features perhaps one of the greatest album covers of all time, as the three disgruntled young Aussies give you the middle finger, evoking the unmissable statement of the title – words to live by.

Opening the record is a big one. Single 6L GTR is as powerful as the motor in question. From the very start the song knocks your socks off, whilst the incredible chants of “6 Litre GTR” get stuck in your head like a dodgy tire on hot tarmac. 

Another single, Struck By Lightning, confirms The Chats aren’t pulling any punches on this record which, to any fans of the band, will come as no surprise. The stuttering track pays tribute to drummer Matt Boggis‘ fills in the chorus, telling the tale of what it’s like to be struck by lightning whilst walking down your street.

Boggo Breakout is a vintage punk track, which sounds like it’s come straight out of a Ramones LP, whilst the 35-second Southport Superman is another fun, fast-paced track. Four songs in and this album really doesn’t give you a breather.

The first real, clear evidence of bass begins on Panic Attack, with singer/bassist Eamon Sandwith’s sludgy tone sounding unreal. This one’s a track that will leave the words “tack, tack, tack, tack…” bouncing around your head for weeks.

Ticket Inspector is a vintage The Chats track, exploring something not many bands would write about. It would probably be fair to say no one really like ticket inspectors, and this theme is clear as day in the lyrics “suck it up, get what your given, it’s dishonest work, but it makes me a living.”

Any cigarette smoker from the last 10+ years will undoubtedly be unhappy about the rising cost for a pack of fags. Included in this bracket is, of course, The Chats. “The price of smokes are going up again, I’ve got an urge to punch a cunt in the head” is a weirdly sad song about the price of cigarettes – even the riffs sound upset. This is the closest thing you’ll get to a sad song from The Chats.

Dead on Site shows off Hardy’s ability to shred whilst also making catchy hooks. His glitchy solo in Paid Late emphasises his talent even further. Despite all the craziness that encapsulates The Chats, it’s easy to forget just how talented these guys are.

I’ve Been Drunk In Every Pub In Brisbane does what it says on the tin. It’s an anthem for those that like to sesh and compete in any sort of beer Olympics. Emperor Of The Beach is a slightly slower, laid-back (for punk standards) track. It’s perhaps a dip in form in the LP, until a western bridge comes in which certainly captives your interest, until the fairly mediocre chorus creeps back in.

Towards the back end of this 27-minute blast of a record, the band have still got the energy to blast out two (three really) tracks to knock your socks off, if they weren’t already. Getting Better perhaps doesn’t exemplify this as it’s an old school, slightly more melodic number that would probably feel slightly out of place in The Chats’ live show.

Although the secret track, probably named Piss Rash, certainly fits in with the band’s discography. The chants of “piss rash” accompanied by an almost indie-rock style instrumental is a fun way to end what has been a fun record.

To summarise, The Chats are still producing good quality, fun punk music that will undoubtedly translate extremely well in the live environment. Get Fucked is pretty good.


Standout Tracks: 6L GTR, Struck By Lightning, Ticket Inspector

For Fans Of: Dune Rats, The Ramones, Amyl and The Sniffers

Written by: Joe Loughran

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