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LIVE REVIEW: Sea Girls, PRYZM Kingston, 12/05/2022

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There is just something special that indie music possesses that other genres simply may not. It evokes feelings of joyousness, nostalgia and emotions that make you reminisce on the euphoric highs and the bitter lows of life that make you come out the other side feeling like the weight of the world has been lifted off your shoulders. And with young indie outfit Sea Girls, this notion applies hugely. 

Coming off the back of releasing their second studio album Homesick; an album that gives a glimpse to the transitions between adolescence to adulthood which Sea Girls all experienced growing up, Homesick serves as a massive sing-a-long record to get lost in the memories of getting old and being filled with all the good, the bad and the utterly life-affirming experiences that time brings to us all. The youthful freedom of unity the band bring together on their run of intimate shows supporting indie record stores, is encapsulated in the moment where two guys in the centre of a Sea Girls mosh-pit spin around in each other’s arms during the show. Full of pure love. 

Anyone who has been to a show at Kingston’s PRYZM hosted by local record store Banquet Records knows that a lot of action can be packed into a small 1k cap venue and the mini earthquake that erupts over the floor of the nightclub proved this point exactly. “It’s going to get rowdy tonight PRYZM” promises vocalist Henry Camamile, commencing Sea Girls’ fourteen-song setlist with second album single Sick, kickstarting on a massive sing-a-long style note with hints of maturity in the air of the lyrics. 

Elsewhere on the new album front, songs such as Friends and Sleeping With You providing a mini soundtrack to those out there feeling the full effects of confusion in a relationship, whilst remembering with a song such as Friends, they will always be there to wrap and arm around you and have your back whilst you go through those motions. Cute Guys beckoned the mosh pits that are laced throughout the setlist, the gentle acoustics later erupting into an alt rock stomper and lastly Camamile questions the audience, asking “Who is from Kingston by the way? This song is for you.”

With the new comes the old or in Sea Girls’ case still being a new band on the indie block, the band’s biggest hits to date. Coming courtesy of the band’s debut album Open Up Your Head ,All I Want To Hear You Say arrived just prior to the encore with the people of Kingston Town packing out this sold-out Sea Girls show and coming to say hello. 

Should we play two more older songs?” says the frontman before seeing out Sea Girls’ time tonight with Do You Really Wanna Know? and Call Me Out, two tracks responsible for making Sea Girls the success they are today. Fans cherish these precious moments of Sea Girls performing some of their biggest songs and fresh new material in such an intimate setting, because at the rate of their success, this band are literally destined to go from PRYZM to Ally Pally.   


Written By: Katie Conway-Flood

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