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LIVE REVIEW: Paleface, Bitterwood, New Cross Inn, 23/05/2022

Deathcore, trapcore, metalcore or whatever you want to call them, Switzerland’s finest heavy music-makers Paleface are something else entirely. Combining all these elements into a sick frenzy of energy, Paleface are at the forefront of the scene in Switzerland. But tonight, down at South-East London’s New Cross Inn, this brutal four-piece tore up New Cross Inn and didn’t even clear up the mess afterwards. 

Slamming into action from the supports; Bitterwood were a true highlight. This Scottish hardcore collective getting New Cross Inn sweaty, as their headliners Paleface watched on from the side-lines, as the chaos that awaits them unfolds in front of their very eyes. 

Such is the nature of the DIY culture, Paleface’s set starts fifteen minutes later than billed, but as the disturbing sounds, blood curdling screams and dingy echoes of menace are unleashed upon New Cross, with opener 666, the fear of life that ran through your veins with 666 was enough to forget about the delay completely. 

“We are a deathcore band from Switzerland, and it’s crazy to be over here” starts Paleface vocalist Marc ‘Zelli’ Zellweger, before the band continue their destruction of New Cross Inn with material spanning their latest LP Fear And Dagger, an album rooted in ferocious deathcore that doesn’t disguise the importance of discussing mental health. Singles such as The Orphan feature lyrics regarding being chased by your inner demons to the point where you cannot take it no more are brought to brutal life in this London venue. 

Elsewhere, the band call back to their Chapter 3: The Last Selection days and despite this actually being their third release, officially, it’s actually their first. Gnarly, hellish and gruesome, the tracks are as shockingly vivid as their music videos, their storylines of capturing humans and bringing creatures to life living out like a horrific tale down at New Cross Inn, the songs live just as disturbing as they are recorded. 

Oozing with spine tingling screams and savage slamming, Paleface took New Cross Inn by storm, with their brain boggling concoction of deathcore and beatdown that showed little to no remorse whatsoever. 

Rating: 8/10 

Words By: Katie Conway-Flood

Katie Conway-Flood
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