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LIVE REVIEW: Pale Waves, Hot Milk, Bitters, O2 Academy Glasgow, 05/03/2022

Photo Credit: Shiona Walker
With a queue round the block and the Glasgow crowd buzzing, the O2 Academy was ready for Pale Waves. Bitters kicked us off by keeping things chill, their cool vocals and rhythmic beat swaying the crowd. Followed by Hot Milk, who absolutely smashed this show and left the crowd in a trance; these guys know how to bring the party. With no-one standing in one spot and the crowd roaring with excitement, it wasn’t hard to tell that they were looking forward to Pale Waves. 
Judging by the audience alone, it was clear that everyone can enjoy Pale Wave’s cool sound. Television Romance was punchy, bringing the room into their world and it certainly did not disappoint. Fall to Pieces evoked strong and loud emotions from the audience which didn’t seem to slow down when Kiss comes on over the PA. 
Heather Baron-Gracie introduced the next song as their new single Jealousy as a song for everyone out there who gets jealous; it definitely left some relating to it! Towards the end of the show is when we get a few comments from Baron-Gracie to get the crowd jumping higher and singing louder. The crowd were not slow to deliver. Baron-Gracie talks about her Scottish heritage, how she loves the accent, and everything about it. After pulling us all back in one more time, the show starts to close with some ‘earlier’ Pale Waves. The Tide followed by Easy leave the crowd wanting more especially after requesting help to sing the love song that is Easy.
But, we all know a good show doesn’t stop without an encore. She’s My Religion and There’s A Honey were the songs that lit the fuse, truly putting this concert down as a night to remember. 9/10
Written By: Mya Brown