VIDEO NEWS: Beddy Rays Release Video For New Single ‘Sort It Out’

Photo Credit: Luke McKenna 

Beddy Rays have released a video for their new single Sort It Out.

“The bones of the song were written really quickly,” explains lead vocalist Jacko. “I was in my room on my guitar and it came together in about 10 minutes. I pretty much wrote how I was feeling at the time, finding it hard to reach out and talk to people. Basically thinking I could figure out everything that was going on in my head alone. Sometimes you just don’t want help because you don’t want sympathy from your mates, you just want to sort it out… pun intended haha.” 

“We wanted the music video to capture the energy of our live shows,” adds drummer Benny. “For our fans that couldn’t make it to our last tour, this is an insight into what it feels like to be at a Beddy’s gig! Fun, loud, and something best shared with good mates.” 

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