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LIVE REVIEW: Don Broco, The Parish, Huddersfield, 16/03/2022

Photo Credit: Tom Pullen

Fresh off releasing their first number one record Amazing Things, Don Broco announced an intimate tour where they would be playing the likes of Kingston, Bedford, and Huddersfield, which are venues you would never expect the likes of Don Broco to grace having played arenas.

Therefore, it is no secret that the people of Huddersfield were ecstatic to accommodate a band as popular as Don Broco to their town, however it is pretty hard to make excuses for lead singer Rob Damiani addressing the Huddersfield crowd as Preston on several occasions, it was a true head-in-hands moment.

Damiani’s insults aside, Don Broco did what they consistently do every time you see them live, and that’s bring the energy – whether it be 100 people or 10,000 people. As the lights dimmed and the band approached the stage, Matt Donelly’s vocals of “Come out to LA” echo around the room and from the first minute, you knew the crowd were up for it.

The band were sounding great, and Pretty followed, which is a song essentially designed for the live setting, especially with that riff. The band also took the chance to play songs from their number one record, playing the likes of Swimwear Season to a great reception.

They also played the synthy Uber and Gumshield to a rowdy crowd. The Bedford boys also chose to play album closer and the deeply personal track Easter Sunday, which was received respectfully by the crowd (who definitely needed a breather) and performed brilliantly by the band.

Further, from the band’s sophomore record Automatic was also played for the first time in roughly six or seven years (aside from the previous night in Birmingham). On the vulnerable side of the band’s discography, there was a nice moment after Nerve where Damiani even pointed out to a couple asking if it was their song because they were vibing to it so well; it wasn’t, but it was still a nice moment.

As the set approached its conclusion, the iconic T-Shirt Song had the whole crowd waving their t-shirts above their head until their arms physically couldn’t take anymore, it is always a stunning sight (unless you’re over six foot, where it can be quite scary!).

The band left the stage, came back on with a new member, a man called Joe who can only be assumed to be part of their touring crew was dragged on to stage as apparently it was his fault Damiani addressed the crowd as Preston as that is what is written on the setlist. Regardless, you’d probably expect him to know which town he is in, without needing a sheet to tell him.

After that excuse, the band played the big Bruce Willis to drain the crowd of any last energy resources in a mosh pit that spanned the whole of the small, yet brilliant venue in the upstairs of The Parish.

Overall, it was undoubtedly a great gig. The energy all the members of the band bring is unmatched by many UK outfits, and to do it on such a packed schedule is very impressive, the people of Huddersfield witnessed one of the rowdiest gigs The Parish will ever be host to. All that is left to say is what a fantastic night it was in Preston!


Written By: Joe Loughran

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